My 6th Post – Find Someone You Can Get To Know, Like And Trust!

Hello Everyone,

I know there are a lot of people out there trying to make money online. I’m one of them, however I’m not going to fly through this, and I’m not going to say it’s easy and free.  There are so many steps to take, watch and learn.  Let’s do this together.

I always start out with something about myself.  I feel the more you know me, the more you just might trust me. I will do my best to make this short.

I live in Massachusetts USA – can you say SNOW! ❄️I hate it, the first dusting is nice then I’m done with it.  February I believe is our worse month for Snow, Sleet, Freezing Temps and did I mention Snow! Since Covid I am now able to work from anywhere. You know those credit cards that give you points to travel.  Well, thankfully we have a lot of points from my husband’s business, you will read about him below.  We decided to go to Mexico for February. It cost us nothing for the flight and the Airbnb so why not be warm and work instead of freezing and going into the office. Today, I’m sitting in an apartment writing this to you, and we’ll be here for the next 28 days, they have a pool and the beach is 10 minutes away. I do have 2 grandbabies that we will miss terribly, but good thing we have facetime.  😊

So, let’s start with the basics. – My first post is where I explain how I started my journey. I had found someone I really felt was honest, had integrity and seems real genuine.  His name is Dean Holland.  He wrote the book called The Iceberg Effect: The untold secret of Affiliate Marketing. I will add the link in the next post. I only had to pay shipping and handling.  So, I thought why not check it out. 

I read the book twice when I received it.  He made sense, didn’t make it complicated; it was easy to understand.  (Thank Goodness!) I knew this was the guy I wanted to team up with, I needed a mentor, he was the real deal.  I had done my research and now I needed to commit. As I said in my first post, I signed up for his program, there were a few different options and pricing.  I knew starting a business wasn’t really free, we should all know this. There are so many scammers out there. Way back when, I owned a Curves for Women for 5 years. Although the Franchise Fee wasn’t huge, everything adds up.  With Internet Profits, you are able to pick and choose the options that are right for you. I knew I needed something to make money online and get me out of my 40 to 50+ hours per weekday job, this was it.

** First let me back up just a bit.  My husband wasn’t on board with this. We had discussions about it. I did my best to explain how this program worked from what I had watched, looked into and read.  It took a bit of time, but I was able to get him to agree, he would be there if I needed help on the IT side, but he didn’t want to be involved in this business.  He has his own Painting Company with little free time himself. I was the one who was going to be running my Affiliate Business, he would be there for support only.  – And you know what, sometimes, it’s better that way! **     😊

I joined Internet Profits – The program that is going to get me out of my day job. There are so many training videos.  And a few free live seminars. I do understand this doesn’t happen over night.

My first jump was diving into the Internet Profit Blueprint – Introduction and overview, building the Ultimate Funnel, Understanding Traffic. (Free and Paid) more on this later. Creating a business plan, momentum and leverage.  To finally Graduating!  You have to take tests through this process in order to become an Internet Profits Certified Partner, I don’t like taking tests and I didn’t like school, but I did it, I had to! I made it through to the other side – Wahoo.  I received my Millionaire in the Making T-Shirt (I am so proud of myself) Oh and I made it on his wall of Fame! (see below)

Dean also has the very basic videos on how to work your computer, what are files and folders, Uploading and Downloading files to and from the Internet, there’s about 25 short videos for complete beginners.  Anyone can do this at your own pace.

I do work on a computer, and I have some knowledge of the basics, if I can do this, then anyone can.  I am here to hold your hand as my other is being held by Dean and his private Facebook group.  I have made so many new friends, from all over the world. We are all in this together, you are not alone in asking questions.

Feel free to comment, I’m happy to answer any questions, if I don’t know the
answer, I will find it for you.  Thanks for reading, looking forward to
creating my next post.

Internet Marketing has started changing and it takes effect as of February 1st
Google and Yahoo are now enforcing new rules. Are you ready for it?

Just another person who didn't save enough to retire, and really want to retire early to be with my grandbabies. This program is going to change my life and my families..

21 Comments on “My 6th Post – Find Someone You Can Get To Know, Like And Trust!

  1. I see that Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring – so hopefully that’s what you arrive to after your Mexican get-away eh! This little personal intro really helps with getting to know you a bit more.

    That was a nice summary of your journey thus far and it’s great that you offer to answer any questions.

    I look forward to your next post.

  2. Great stuff, and it’s good that you have a supportive partner, so many I talk to have families that ridicule their efforts.

    So do you have a plan or a timeline for becoming that millionaire the T-shirt proclaims?

    Whilst I don’t want to detract from the fact that Affiliate Marketing can make millionaires, I do think that for many the result will not be that they are millionaires, but that they will be freed from the tyranny of a 9 to 5 job and beable to enjoy a much healthier and fulfilling lifsestyle

    Well done though on getting through your training

  3. My husband would not’ve been supportive of this or any other online money making pursuit. Having said that, now that he’s gone on to other vistas, I am free to do this and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity you describe so well. Before I read your post, I had an aha moment as to how to set up the opt in page on my blog. Hopefully, this evening and tomorrow, this task will be finished. Next to my next hurdle!!

    1. Honestly not having to deal with someone else is better. hee hee..

      I had to go and do the entire optin over again only to find out i did it correctly the first time. (hang head on table here!) haha

  4. It is great that you have a supportive partner willing to help with the IT stuff. When things get tough, I really appreciate my boyfriend telling me that he is amazed by how hard I am working to create the life I want. It feels good when someone recognizes your hard work and is cheering you on to succeed!

  5. I can understand why your husband wasn’t very excited about it. I face the same situation where people around me don’t believe in what I’m doing. I think most people have this natural tendency to think anything online is a scam.

    But at least your husband didn’t stop you. I hope you will get great results from your business soon so that you can surprised him and make him become your biggest cheerleader. All the best!

  6. Yes, Sandy,

    I absolutely agree that finding someone that you like, know, and trust to take you through the maze of setting up an online business. is critical and often you might need to search and often not sure what you are looking for.

    So well done for finding a jewel ….. and taking us with you on your journey!

    I’m looking forward!

  7. Sandy. Oh I would love to have snow here. I’m in London UK, and when I was a child, we used to get quite a lot of snow but in the last decade or so it’s pretty much nothing. I remember one time it snowed so much it was 2012 when London had the Olympics and I slipped in the snow did the splits and dislocated my right knee. Anyway, you’ve done a great job going through the steps you took and how things work with Internet profits. It’s a great introduction so people understand what is involved. I love it that you’ve Said that things are not free and it’s important that people understand that. If you just look at social media it looks like it’s just a couple of clicks and money rolls in overnight. Eventually it might be but not when you start. Well done you’re doing brilliant and your lifestyle sounds great working from Mexico . Once you established you could work from anywhere in the world. Thanks, Atif

    1. You are so funny.. I can remember the blizzard of 78… It was crazy, i think i was 14, so much fun at that age.. But i do remember
      all the cars stranded on the highways, and we had to take a sled to the market when it was finally open. Nope.. I don’t want that again.

      Thanks for your comments and the good idea of blogging about finally fixing my name and website on my responses. I honestly don’t know how you have so much time doing all you do with this, when you also work a full time job. And I will admit some of the info you post is a bit over my head. But I’m learning and I will eventually get there. Thanks so much keep posting. I’m headed over to your blog now to read.

  8. I live in Sweden, and love snow and winter, but these last two weeks I have seen more completely icey roads that I’ve seen ever before. It’s been terrible, and I actually ended beside he road when I did not intend for that to happen. I had to call a friend who has a tractor to pull me up.

    So I totally get that you choose to spend a month in Mexico! Enjoy the warmth 🙂

    Cheers, Katrin

    1. OMG yup that has also happened to me. The snow is nice, but you are right the Icey conditions we all can live with out.

      Thanks Katrin, enjoy the snow. 🙂

  9. Hi Sandy,
    Mexico for February…nice!
    Great that your husband supports you, my wife also supports me in this biz. It make a huge difference! Then all the support from Internet Profits staff, mentors and community group is the kind of stability we need to become successful in affiliate marketing! You’re doing great!

    1. Thanks Denny,

      I appreciate it. My husband still questions me. But I keep telling him I know I’m in the right place, and I will prove him wrong. 🙂

  10. I just love, love, love your story! I too am new to affiliate marketing and I absolutely agree with you: it’s absolutely worth its weight in GOLD when you have a dependable, honest, and ethical coach and mentor to lean on! Sure… I know building a business without one is possible, but why would you want to? The great thing about what you wrote: just how you found your mentor, Dean… I have zero doubt that the further you move along in this journey, the greater the likelihood that you will be just that mentor to others that are behind you! It’s funny how we can become an inspiration like that… just by being… us. 🙂

    1. thanks Lauren,
      In order for this to work for me I need to be myself. I know I got this.. Just need to keep that Why up in front of me and stay focused.

  11. Sandy,
    Snow – what’s that mysterious four-letter word? Living in Raleigh, NC, it’s been a whopping 786 days since we’ve seen any measurable snow, and I’m totally fine with that! Lucky you, escaping to Mexico to dodge the snow madness. You hit the nail on the head saying starting a business isn’t free. It’s a payment plan of either money or time, sometimes a bit of both. Excited to tag along and follow your progress!

    1. Thanks so much Sherri,

      My daughter lived in Charlotte, NC for a few years. Went to a wedding down there in January and it snowed maybe an inch. No one knew how to drive, it was hysterical. Thanks for your kind words, we all have this.

      Sandy 🙂

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